LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 18 – March 5 to March 19

March 5th, 1914

Dear Diary,

It feels good to be back home. Sadie and Bert decided to come to the play and dance so I went with them. I really enjoyed the show. It was put on by a fellow who was pretty good. He sang, danced, played a mouth organ and had us all in stitches with the jokes and funny skits. The dance afterwards I didn’t care for so much, they just make me long for Roy all the more. Though by the looks of the way Sadie was dancing I’d say she is better now, she sure had a time of it with that wisdom tooth.

 Afterwards I went back home with the folks as Sadie no longer needs my help.


March 12th, 1914

Dear Diary,

I have spent the past several days mostly in bed. I no sooner got home, and we all came down with a nasty chest cold, except for some reason not Hazel. She’s been doing the best she can helping with the chores, but we are falling way behind.

We are all moving around a bit but not up to our usual tasks yet. It will take Mama and I at least a month to catch up with all the washing not to mention so the many other chores we need to get done.


March 17, 1914

There’s another dance tonight at MacDonald’s barn. I don’t care to go but Hazel does and since we are still in Donald and don’t need Papa to take us in the wagon I will go with her. After working so hard taking care of all of us this month she deserves to have some fun.

Today she’s been driving us a bit wild with her singing, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” over and over. She says she can’t help it for today is Saint Patrick Day and we are a wee bit Irish. I guess that is true enough as Papa says his grandfather, Patrick O’hara, was from Ireland. He and his brother’s are always talking about how rich we will all be when our Irish ship comes in, on account of some inheritance in Ireland there they think they should get. Mama say it’s all foolishness and I agree. They’ve been saying that ever since I can remember, though wouldn’t it be nice if it did come true.

Mae’s sister, Hazel

Mama is still feeling poorly. I am starting to worry about her. She has such an awful cough and tires so quickly.

Thank goodness, Papa is feeling fine again. With the nice mild weather we are having it is time for him to start farming again.


March 19, 1914

Dear Diary,

I should never have written that part about it being so nice and mild for today it is freezing. I am sitting near the stove trying to stay warm as big white snowflakes falling outside the window, are sending chills up and down my spine. It’s a good thing, Papa hasn’t planted anything yet. Hopefully this cold spell won’t last long.

While Papa and I may be back to normal Mama and Daniel aren’t. I am still worried about them. Daniel looks so pale and wane. He hasn’t gone to school in three weeks. Aunt Sarah Waddington is bad, too. Once Mama is back on her feet, I intend to go help her out.

The dance was okay, except when they played “Peg O’ My Heart ” I almost teared up. I can still feel Roy’s arms around me as we danced to that song and he whispered in my ear, “We’ll never part, I love you.”

Vera was there with Clarence Waddington. It was so nice to see her again. When she wasn’t busy dancing with Clarence the two of us were chatting up a storm. I can hardly wait to get back to Mona where I can see her more often. Except I think she and Clarence are sweet on each other, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t up and get married on me and yet another chum will be lost.

I do have to admit that Clarence is a nice fellow, she could do far worse. Somehow I know our family history is all twined up with the Waddingtons. Papa says it goes way back to when everyone lived in Canada before the Civil War. He tried to explain it to me once, but it made my head spin.  All I know is we aren’t related by blood to Clarence’s family.


Nagram, WA

March 19th, 1914

Dear Friend,

Hello Mazie: Here I am again. I got a letter from you yesterday and of course I was glad, but sorry you were all having such a time being sick and sure hope you will all be better soon.

I am still feeling fine as usual. I wish you could feel as well all the time as I do. Haven’t been the least bit sick for nearly a whole year now.  I wish you could say the same thing. I think you will feel a lot better when you get your teeth fixed. To bad you didn’t have that done a long time ago it perhaps would have saved you a lots of suffering. Was sorry to hear Daniel was so sick. Poor little chap he seems to have quite a hard time of it. Tell hm that I said for him not to get sick any more as it is a foolish thing to do.

We are having the lovelist spring weather I have ever saw so early in the season. March so far has been just like May. So far we have had only three wet days. The rest of the time has bright and warm. Everyone say they never saw it this way so early. The trees are all putting out their leaves and the snow is nearly all gone off the mountains. If it stays this way all spring we will be picking strawberries in May, won’t that be lovely.

I had a letter from home the other day and Mother said they had been planting garden. She didn’t say anything about any of the folks, except that Faith Henry was all over the small-pox and that they were still quarantined. Mr. Henry and Frank were batching in the little room adjoining Bryans store. I’ll bet Mrs. Henry is awful tired being there alone so long. Won’t she be tickled to get out again.

Father has recovered from his hurt enough so he is able to be about again. I hope he don’t get hurt again for a little while anyhow.

Tell Frank Risher that I wrote him some time ago when I first came up her to Nagram. I suppose he must have it by now. If he hasn’t let me know and I will write to him again.

How is Mr. Will Waddington by now? Sorry that Mrs. Waddington has been sick. I suppose they are kinda mad at me for I promised to come over and say good-bye to them before I went away and then didn’t go. If you hear them say anything about it just tell them I intended to come and see them again but forgot it until it was too late.

Do you know yet when you are going to move back home again? Suppose you will be glad when you get home again, as then you can see Vera most everyday. You wouldn’t get so lonesome then would you? Tell Vera I said hello! If you see anyone else that I know tell them the same.

I think I shall go down to Puyallup the last of the month. The 29th is Father’s birthday and the 31st is Mother’s so they are going to have a big blow out on the 30th in celebration of both and they want all we boys to be there if possible so guess I will have to go down. Wish you were going to be there to, but as you can’t I will have to tell you about it instead.

Guess I can’t think of anymore that I dare write so will say good-night and go to roost.

Good night and pleasant dreams.

As ever, W.R.C


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