LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 19- March 30, 1914- April 2, 1914

March 30, 1914

Dear Diary,

I haven’t written much in you lately. I have been swamped with chores, being sick sure puts one behind.

At the moment I am taking a break as I bask in the warm sunlight streaming through the window.  The weather is finally warming up again. Here I thought spring had sprung and then it turned back to winter.

How I long for some fresh spring greens to eat. It would be like a tonic after this long winter and I think it would make us all feel better. Still we are lucky, we have enough canned goods lining the pantry wall to last us to summer.


Donald, Wyo

March 31,1914

Dear friend,

I was glad to get your letter.

I am pretty well, have almost got over my cold. The rest are all pretty well too.

We are having fine weather now. It is foggy every morning but get so nice in a little while. Papa is farming now he is real busy with the mail and his other work too. He got a word from the mail, and they said his bid was too high, so he sent back again. He don’t care much I guess whether he gets it or not. And I don’t either.

How are you getting along with your work, fine, I supose tho. You must not work to hard. We are trying to wash today. We have not been able to wash for a long time, only Hazel did a little bit for us.

I think we will move up home in two or three weeks. I will sure be glad for then it will be much nicer.

Vera is fine and dandy, she said to tell you hello or I guess she meant you. She said S.O.M.E.B.O.D.Y so I know who she meant, and Grandma spoke up and said she said hello too.

Aunt Sadie and Bert were here Thursday, just a few minutes tho. They are both pretty well.

Aunt Sarah is some better but has been awful sick. Mama and I thot maby if we was able we would go over there tomorrow. We have not been any where for so long. Have not been able to go down to McDonalds until yesterday. I had not been over there for over three weeks.

I haven’t had the tooth ach to amount to any thing for quite some while and just haven’t been able to go get them fixed.

We want to go home Saturday and up to Vera’s. I am awful anxious to go as I have not been there for over three months.

Hazel and Daniel are going to school again there was three week vacation while aunt Sarah was so sick.

We have a very backward spring as there is no grass to speak of yet. I supose the grass is nice and green there for it is always that way.

 As ever Mae

P. S. My little watch is just fine, I could not do with out it. Aunt Sadie said I had them running a race, but of course hers beat for her’s was larger than mine and could run faster.


William Roy Caple about 1912

April 2, 1914

Nagram, Washington

Dear friend,

Hello Mazie: How are you today? I am feeling fine as usual and hope this finds you in the same fix. I had a letter from you last Mon. and you know I was awful glad to get it I was feeling oh so lonely about that time and it helped a whole lot.

We are having nice weather here again, has been fine all week, today was just like summer, almost to warm for it made me sweat when we tackled a big tree.

I was down to Puyallup last Sunday went down Saturday evening and back Sunday evening. They had a big birthday party and supper at our place but I didn’t get there in time for it, got there just as the people were leaving. All the old neighbors were there and I guess they had a first class time, awful sorry I didn’t get there a little sooner so to have seen all the fun.

Blanche Stockton was there she was having a vacation so came up to spend the week with Lida. She is just the same Blanche as of old. She said she would like awfully well to see you and Hazel.

The folks were all well so far as I know. I went over to my Aunts Sunday morning and Justin and Lillian were out in the yard planting a garden so I went over and talked to them awhile. They seemed to be getting along pretty well.  Justin was working down town helping to build sidewalks. John came in while I was there so had a talk with him, he is looking pretty well now and is still driving team for Saul and Hugh on the gravel hauling. I saw Saul but didn’t have time to talk to him very long. I saw Mrs. Perkerson and the twins on the street and talked to them a little. They all seemed pretty well. I saw Big Tom out in the berry patch making the blackberry brush just fly.  He was so busy I didn’t bother him. didn’t see Ann or Lodie but guess they were both as well as usual.

Justin Perkerson is back in Puyallup again. I didn’t see him nor hear what he was doing.

Was over and had a talk with Mrs. Henry and Jim, between the two they almost talked me to death.  Wish you could have been there and joined in the conversation and I’ll bet you wish it to. Faith came through the smallpox all o.k. wasn’t much sick at all. Mrs. Henry said she nearly died of loneliness though, while they were quarantined.

I wish you might take a peak and see how things look around Puyallup. It is spring there in earnest. The grass is nice and green and the flowers are in blossom and the orchards look like snowdrifts. There hasn’t been any cold weather lately as it was here, only a little rain. The day I was there it was just lovely.

How is the weather in Old Wyo now? Hope it is nice as was here.

Well Mazie I guess I will have to stop as my paper is getting short and it is time to go to roost anyway.

Best wishes to all,

As ever,

Roy C.


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