LETTERS FROM Mona – February 20 – February 28th,1914

9,15,19, K ( authors note: This month what Mae calls China letters begin to appear. This brief use of numbers and the K at the beginning of this letter are apparently Sadie’s attempt at it)

Donald Wyo

Feb. 20 1914

(This is Aunt Sadie’s Writing)

My Dear Roy)

Dear friend, –

I will try to write you a few lines this evening.

I am pretty well and hope this will fine you well and happy. I have not heard yet whether you got home or not but hope you did for I was afraid, I heard there was some snow in the mountains, but hope you got there all right. How did you find every body there? And what did they all have to say, if I could only be there to hear the questions they will ask. I got your letter you wrote from Deadwood, was awful glad to get it and was glad to know where you were going, too.

I bet Grover West was sure some disappointed.

And I suppose some surprised.

How is your mother and Lida give them my best regards and tell Lida I will write to her in a few days, seems like I never get around to write very often, but I will try to do better.

I got my valentine and thank you Oh, so much for it. I thot it was so nice.  I got my watch too, it is just running right along too, I was so glad to see it just as tho it had been some body to talk to it and tell me everything I wasn’t to know. Did you get your sleep out. I never slept that morning not until that night. I just could not sleep. Bet you were tired too. Aunt Sadie is pretty well now. She and Bert came over Wednesday and then stayed all night and I came home with them yesterday. I am going to stay a while.

I think I will get my books and then I will go to studying. I will study day and night until I get through.

I wish you was here. I can always talk better than I can write.

Only that morning you I could hardly say anything. I wanted to tell you some things to tell the folks there. But I could not say much.

I sure missed you for a few days. Of course I miss you yet, but getting kindy used to it now.

Daniel missed you so much to, especially the next night he said he could hardly sleep at all, don’t know about the rest they never said. But I think they did tho. How are Lillian and Justin? I supose you have had a long talk with them lots of times. And what did Sade have to say. I wish I could see the dear old thing. Have you heard of any of their meetings just yet. You had better go for me.

I got my china letter and Mama and Hazel say they can read it if they only had the time, ha ha. You must be careful. 

Vera is just fine I not saw her yet, but talks to her lots. Our old phone won’t ring yet, makes me tired. Clara had been having a tooth ach for a few days awful bad. I have not had much trouble with my teeth yet. The weather is pretty good only a few pretty cold days. Yesterday was pretty cold only I almost froze my feet coming home to Marchants. But we did not get very cold coming on over. My cake I had baked the day you and Bert came from Sunday is still here yet, and there was four oranges and all of those cookies left. They had not been here only about two days since we left. The dog has a tooth ach I think for his jaw is awful sore. Aunt Sadie is bothering me so I can’t hardly write so I guess I will get some thing from you tomorrow but I won’t get it until I get home. I will say good night as ever

Mae Philips

February 24, 1914

Dear Diary,

I think the last week since Roy left has been the loneliest of my life, I miss him so. I did get a letter after he arrived in Deadwood. He said he found his father’s Caple cousins homestead without a problem. I hope he had a good visit. He should be back in Washington by now but I haven’t heard from him. It kindy has me worried because who would ever know if something bad happened with him traveling all alone. I am going to be on edge until I do hear he’s safe and sound.

I am waiting for Bert to come pick me up. He called last night and said he could use my help seems Sadie is in the worse pain with a wisdom tooth coming in. I don’t know if I can help much with the pain, but I can do her household chores. At least it might take my mind off how much I am missing Roy.

February 27, 1914

Dear Diary,

I will only write a few minutes ad I have such an awful headache again the past few days. Sadie and I are quite the pair, me with my headache and she with her toothache. I made her a mash of garlic and onion to lay on her tooth but really I think the hot flannel I put on her throat helped the most of all.  Just wish there was something that would make my head stop aching. I am pretty sure seeing Roy would do the trick though.

I had a letter from Puyallup. It seems the Henry’s house had been quarantined for Faith Henry has the smallpox. I can’t help but worry about her, that’s such an awful disease and she’s only 10. I do hope she recovers.

Feb. 28, 1914

Dear Roy,

As Bert is going to Aladdin this morning I will write you a few lines, to let you know I am still alive but that is about all.  I have not felt very well for four or five days, feel better today only have a headache pretty bad.

Oh dear, Sadie has sure been awful sick: her wisdom tooth is coming through, it has just been awful for about four days. She had just been wild for most of the time. My it is awful bad. She is a little better today. I’ll tell you I have been some scared for a long time. It makes me feel pretty bad to see her suffers so.

We had a fire all night long for three nights and Bert and I have been up most of the time. That mush Mama put on my throat has done better than anything. I just put them on all afternoon yesterday and until about four o’clock this morning. I went to putting on dry hot flannels and she says she thinks it feels better than it ever has. And I tell you I am awful glad. I don’t know when it will get much better, not until it breaks tho, I know. She can’t hardly eat anything for it hurts so to swallow. I can hardly write I am so nervous and my head aches so bad. I don’t suppose you can read it either. But if you can’t just bring it back here and I’ll tell you all and then some.

I suppose you got my letter yesterday. I don’t know what you thot of me for not writing but I had to wait until I heard where you were was going first. And then Bert did not get in Aladdin in time to get the letter off on the train so it did not go away until Monday. I don’t know if this will go or not today, I hope so any way.

We had quite a snow but it is gone now. And it was pretty cold.

How is the weather there, fine I suppose. I sure wish I was there, too.

I got a letter from you, Mama said Wednesday but have not got it yet. Papa is going to bring my mail in and so Bert can get it today. I am sure anxious, too.

I have never heard you got home yet. Just think only two weeks ago this morning I saw you last. Oh, it seems like two years time. I don’t dare think of it for it makes me feel so bad.

If Aunt Sadie is better I think I will go home Wednesday. There is going to be a play at Mc Donalds Hall next Friday. I supose if I am home I will be there. I wish you would be there too. There is going to be a dance after.

I have been reading my Bible right along am quite a ways ahead. I like it so well I just read it quite a lot.

There is a lot of sickness in the country than I ever saw before. Most everybody is sick.

How are your mother and Lida?

I have not heard from Lillian and Justin yet.

I wrote you a China letter yesterday, while I was lying down. You must excuse it if you can’t read it. I know most of the letter and have not looked at my alphabet since you left.

Well I will close and maybe write you a China.

Well, bye, bye


(Authors note : There were two China notes in this envelope decoded as follows.)

If you wish to write to me and don’t want anyone to see it send it to Aunt Sadie at Aladdin and she’ll get it to me.

With all my love,

Your Sweetheart,


Second one:

Don’t stop writing for I would never live.

Yours Mae

2 thoughts on “LETTERS FROM Mona – February 20 – February 28th,1914

  1. Kathy Stoltz

    These writings reminded me that we take so much for granted now regarding our health. Since there were no vaccines, antibiotics, aspirin?, people just had to suffer. We are so fortunate.



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