Photo of the store in Aladdin taken September of 2019

I found one last letter written by Mae’s cousin Lulu McDonald. She wrote it to her Uncle John Phillips who lived in Rosedale, WA but in care of Mae who had by then moved to Puyallup, WA. some time after April of 1918 but by August 10, 1918

Aladdin, WYO

August 10,1918.

Dear Uncle John:-

It has been kind of a long time since I have heard from you, and I am very sure you owe me a letter, but I’m going to write you again anyway. I don’t know your address so will just address it to Puyallup in care of Mae and I know you will get it.

How are you these hot summer days? Ma isn’t the best in the world but we are so thankful she is as well as she is. She had been so anxious to hear from you, and I intended to write to you long ago, but it seems there is so much to be done and so many letters to have to answered. Every one is so short of help we have to do some work we never been in the habit of doing before.

How are the days there? We certainly have had some awfully hot days here, but lately have been having so much rain. How is Justin and his wife and last but not least, how is little John R? Wish I could see him I know he is so cute now.

Well there aren’t many of the folks left around here, but what there are are all quite well. Uncle Will looks so awfully old and bad, he hasn’t seemed well for a long time, but cripples around all the time at his work. He has a good crop this year as we all do.

Aunt Deau was very well the I last saw here and still seems to be the Peacemaker of the family, and there is some of it to be done there now as you know, Earl is married and they all live together.

Allies folks are about the same as usual. Allie and Mattie came out to their ranch to make Hay (Authors Note; Allie and Mattie are Mae’s parents and had moved to Belle Fourche, SD in 1917) Mattie isn’t very strong and the trip did her good.

I expect it is lonely there without Kittie. (Kittie was one of the other Phillips siblings). How do they like it in Canada? Uncle Ben is busy helping make hay and reap and stack grain.

Ma said to tell you that she was quite disappointed that you didn’t stay out with the boys longer as she wanted to come and make you all a visit while you were together.

How do you like the country where the boys are?

Isn’t this war something awful? O, so many of our dear boys are right in the front now. One Belle Fourche boy is reported killed the 21st July. He was a first Lientinant, and only 19 years old. Several of our home boys are wounded and dead. It almost breaks my heart to think of the broken hearts the desolate house, the ruined lives, America holds tonight. This is a terrible struggle, and when it is over there will be Universal Peace.

Well we must be patient and wait on the Lord, and we will know in time. If it wasn’t for Science I don’t know what I would do. Poor Nellie and Bate are having a time. Bate has seemed to be growing worse for a time, just bloated up all over so awful, and they took him to the Dr. and he said it was Bright’s disease, but if he did say so , it doesn’t make it so, for material man cannot make a law over Gods child, for God is all power.

Aunt Sarah’s girls and families are well. You knew that Margaret had a little baby boy didn’t you?

Say wasn’t that a shock to hear Beatrice Purkerson was married? She seems like a baby yet to me. Well I must close as it is now 10:30 and I am sleepy.

Write me when you can. Mac, Mama, Frankie and Lela all join with me in sending love,

Your loving Niece

Lula McDonald,

Aladdin WYO


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