Samuel Hugh Caple

I remember the Christmas my Gandpa Roy Caple gave us a framed copy of this photo of his Dad. He said whenever he thought of his Dad this was the image that came up. I guess his Dad wore these buckskins a lot during my Grandpa’s growing up years. My Grandpa said his Dad knew they needed to be cleaned but was worried about them being ruined. Finally he agreed to let and Native woman who said she knew how to clean the leather have a go at it. I guess she was unsuccessful because my grandfather said when he finally got them back they were shrunken and unwearable. I am not sure when this photo was taken. Probably sometime between 1888 and 1899.

Whenever my Grandfather spoke of his Dad he always referred to him as Samuel Hugh not Samuel or Sam. I asked him why? He said he didn’t know why, but his Dad always insisted he was Samuel Hugh Caple not just Samuel. It was only when I began to research the family that I came to realize why? The name Samuel runs deep our family tree. He was one of many Samuel’s. Both his great grandfather and GG grandfather bore the name as well as an uncle who was only a few years older and cousins to numerous to count. Hugh belonged to just him except he did give the name Samuel Hugh Jr. to a son.


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