LETTERS FROM MONA -part 44 – April 16 -April 30, 1915

Mona, Wyo
April 17, 1915

Dear Roy, –

Well how are you this fine day, fine tho I hope. I got your letter today, John went to the office last night and Floyd brought the mail up this afternoon. I was very glad to hear you was well and getting along good. And I hope this letter will find you the same. I am pretty well with the exception of a headache. I have had that a lot this week and has almost got me down yesterday and today but I have wore it off pretty good so far. I think it will soon be all ok. I hope so.

Yes the weather is just grand now has been for a week or more. It gets almost to hot some times, but warm weather is what we need to make our crops. It looks awful nice now. It is so green and there is getting to be quite a lot of grass. I have some of my garden made but not all. We have quite a lot of potatoes and lots of corn in. Most every one is busy putting in their crops.
My I wish you could see our yard it looks so nice the grass is so green and we have it all cleared and straightened up. I think we have the nicest yard in the country. (not bragging at all)

Grandpa and Grandma went down to Aunt Sadie’s today and Mama and Daniel and Hazel went over there to stay, so Papa and I are here alone. Floyd just went home. My I wish you could have been to the party at Plummer’s there wasn’t many there but we had a nice time only stayed until about five O’clock. (I guess that accounts for my headache) although I had it while I was there.
We surprised Floyd pretty good altho I think he was expecting it some. My I wish you could be to mine. Oh, if you only could but you can’t so will have to do the best I can with out you, and look forward to later.

It seems kindy lonesome here since the folks went and papa is up working on the fence and I am alone. I have been pretty busy tho. I scrubbed and cleaned things up this forenoon and am baking bread too.
I wish I could hear Richard playing some of those pieces and I supose they do make you feel pretty lonely, but you must not get lonesome, for that is a bad thing, I know. There isn’t much news to write now days.

Iretha is as sweet as ever and I am nearly wild to see her. I can hardly wait until she comes up. I guess they will come to my party and then Aunt Sadie and Tootie will stay until Bert comes back from Shearing and then she will go home and I will be lonesome again.

But don’t say any thing about it but we may not be here, we are thinking of going to North Dakota this summer so I don’t know when we will, don’t say a word tho. I hope we do go.

 My I wish I could see you. tomorrow is Sunday don’t know what I will do but the same old thing I supose. School starts Monday, my it is sure late. It will be pretty hot to go to school in July, but they could not get a teacher before.

Well I’ll stop and call Aunt Sadie up ——–
Well here I am again I got to talking to Aunt Sadie and I could hear Iretha laughing so much it made me so lonesome I had to hang up and shed a lot of tears. Oh, I get so lonesome sometimes. But with Gods help I can stand it, with the thots of better times.

Good-bye as ever,


Sunday morning,-
Here I am again, I thot I would say a few words and tell you I am alright this morning, but had a dreadful headache last night but I am feeling lots better today. My it sure is warm, like July. Mama and Hazel and Daniel will be home some time today I think. My I wish you was going to be here today, but you won’t so there. Well I will stop now and seal my letter. Hope I get to send it tomorrow. I don’t like to disappoint you but I just have to some times. You are faithful tho. Well by bye.

With best wishes M.


April 18, 1915
Dear Mae, Hello girlie!

How are you this beautiful Sunday morning? Fine and dandy though I hope and trust. I am feeling just dandy at present and getting along fine. We have had the loveliest weather here lately you can imagine. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky for ten days and the air is so soft and warm and everything is so green and pretty that anyone couldn’t help feeling well. I got your last letter yesterday also the pictures. And course you know I was awful glad to get them. I think the pictures are just splendid so natural that it seems you ought to speak. I am not going to try to tell you how glad I was to get them for I haven’t the words to do it. I will keep the other one until I go home I guess. Am awful sorry to hear that your mother is so poorly and hope she will be better soon. Isn’t anything that can be done to stop those terrible head-aches?

Was glad to get Hazel’s and Daniels letters and will answer them soon, haven’t time to do it today as I am going to help Joe fix up a tent as soon as I can finish this letter. He is going to bring the wife up here and live in a tent for a while unless he changes his mind before he gets the tent up. He changes his mind so often you can’t tell for sure what he is going to do until he does it.

I would sure like to be there for your birthday party but of course I can’t. That is I can’t be there in person but my thoughts and best wishes will be with you.

I haven’t heard from home this week so don’t know how things are down there guess the folks are getting better slowly thou, and that is about the best than can be expected.

Am glad that Sadie and Tootie are feeling well. Tell them both hello for me. I will make Tooties shawl as soon as I can. Will have to send away for the yarn tho, so it will be sometime before I can finish it. I suppose Bert will soon be going shearing will he not? I have forgotten what time he goes but guess it is about the first of May.

Yes, I sent Miss Blake a card telling her about losing their picture but don’t know whether or not she got it. Suppose she did tho.
Well I guess this is about enough for now so will stop.

As ever Roy

P.S anytime you want another half doz. of those pictures just let me know and I will get them for you. Oh I forgot to mention the flowers you sent thanks for them. Glad to know your going to have spring W. R. C.


April 22, 1915

Dear diary,

Our spring weather has continued to be fine; everyone is going full blast with their farming. The folks were thinking of maybe going up to North Dakota and renting a farm Uncle Tom told them about. They have decided to stay here as it looks like a good growing season. I am not sure whether to be happy or sad about it.  

The roads have improved a great deal, so later this week Papa and Mama are going to make their semiannual trip with the wagon into Belle Fouche to fetch supplies.

 My Phillips uncles are busy bronco busting. The European Armies are clamoring for fine horses. Oh, how I wish that dreadful war would hurry and come to an end.


April 24,1915

Dear diary,

I am feeling so blue today. Actually, I feel more than blue for my throat aches so and I feel bum all over. Mama has made me some warm tea with lemon in it and insists I spend the day resting. I sure hope I get over this fast. I would hate to be sick for my Birthday.

We had our first spring meeting of the Book and Thimble club today over at the Knowles.  We read Penrod by Booth Tarkington. I thought it was quite funny. I could imagine Daniel getting into the same mischievous trouble as the boy in this book did.

Mrs. Knowles decorated with sprays of wildflowers all over the house and served us lemonade and the Honey Cake Dorothy Gish has made popular. It was very tasty. I would sure like to see a movie again. How I long to live in a town. The last one I went to was over 2 years ago when we were still living in Puyallup and guess who I went with? Will I ever get to go to another one with him?

Sadie just called she is feeling as miserable as I am. Sounds like we might have the same affliction.  She was hoping I could come for a couple of days and help her take care of Tootie.  I so hated having to turn her down because the only person I enjoy spending time with more than Tootie is Roy.  Speaking of which I should write him a letter so it’s ready to go when John comes by on his way to fetch the mail in Mona later today.  I hope the next time I take pen to you I am in better spirits both in mind and in body. 











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