LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 42 – March 18 -31, 1915

March 18, 1915

Dear Diary,

We just got back this morning and I am so tired. We went to the St. Patrick’s dance after all. Papa says it was only fitting as his great pappy was no other than Patrick O’Hara a right old Irish gent. I don’t know about that but I am getting tired of the Phillips relatives talking nonsense about how rich they will be when their Irish ship comes in. Ha, Ha that will never happen.

However, the night did have its humorous moments. Someone purposely spilled pepper in amongst the straw on the dance floor and it set off quite a fit of sneezing amongst the dancers once the dancing really got going making me glad I had decided to sit the dances out.

Signs of spring are starting to pop up around here. The grass is getting green, soon the wildflowers will be blooming. I am more than ready to say good-bye to winter.

We got a call earlier today that Minnie Mowery died of dropsy. She is one of Papa’s cousins I tell you I am related to almost everyone in these vicinities.

Tomorrow I am going to start on making myself a new frock for Easter. It’s more complicated than any I have made before and with no pattern you may need to wish me luck. I saw one like it in our spring Sears catalog. I found some similar blue pastel cotton crepe while we were in Belle Fourche. If f I can pull it off it will feature the newest jacket effect, elbow length sleeves and a yoke type skirt with two tucks going around the bottom. I have already crocheted the blue buttons I will trim the waist in. I am going to update last year’s panama hat with a band of matching fabric and I have a new pair of gloves to wear with it.  It should look very chic at least I hope it does.


Nagrom, Wash.
March 21st, 1915

Dear Mazie, Well how goes it by now? Fine tho I trust. Well I am back in at Nagrom again. Came up here last Tues. so was home only three days.

I have been just about sick ever since I landed in Wash had the La grippe I guess. I have been trying to work since I came up here but haven’t felt like doing much. I have a terrible cold on my lungs and have had a fever ever night, except last night. I feel some what better today, tho I feel pretty tough yet. Have been trying to use Christian Science, but it don’t seem to work very well.

The camp started up the ninth of the month but they put on only a few men. I didn’t get the same job I had before, am bucking now. I think I will get my old job back after awhile tho. I think times are going to be pretty hard this season. There isn’t very much work going on and there is so many men. The wages here are not so good as they were last year. Joe and Richard both intended to come up here, but couldn’t get work, so will have to go some where else.  Mr. Cook is here tho. He and I have a room all to ourselves so we have it pretty nice that way.

 The weather here is just perfect. I’ve never seen prettier weather at any time of the year. It is as warm and nice as it generally is in May. The trees are all leafing out and the green grass is almost a foot high in places. The old timers here say they never before saw such a spring. It seems queer that I should get such a cold as soon as I got to where it was warm. Guess it was the sudden change that did it tho.

I didn’t get time to do much visiting while I was in Puyallup. Was there such a short time and I felt so bad all the time, that I stayed pretty close to home. I was over to Henry’s for supper Sunday evening. Saul and Anne were there to, so we had a pretty good visit. I didn’t go down to Perkinsens at all. They sent word that they wanted me to come down and tell them all the news from Wyo. I intended to go Tuesday evening, but they sent for me to come up here to Nagrom, so I didn’t get to go see them at all. I suppose they won’t like it so very well for they will think I sleighted them on purpose, but I can’t help it if they do and will not let it bother me so very much anyway.

I expect a letter from you today and I can hardly wait until the mail comes in. Am so anxious to hear how you stood the trip back home and how your tooth is.

Well I guess you will have to excuse me for now. I feel so bad that I can’t think straight, so hardly know what I am writing. Will try to do better next time. Give my best wishes to everybody that I know.

As ever,



March 31, 915

Dear diary,

I haven’t written you for a while. I just have been awful busy. I just finished putting the finishing touches on my new Easter dress. It looks quite nice if I do say so myself. I just need to give it a final pressing and hang it up for Easter this Sunday. I hope we have good weather that day so I don’t have to cover it up with last year’s spring coat.

We have been having an awful lot of rain this spring. All of the rain is making everything so green but the roads are still so rutted and full of mud. Not too many cars trying to venture out this way yet because of it.

Daniel and Hazel have not been able to go to school much this month. Both have been so sick with sore throats. I sure hope they perk up soon.

Seems March is the month of birthdays around here. I have been to several parties. It is fun to get together with other folks but it also makes me feel so lonely and blue. I miss having Roy at my side so much. His last letter said he had the La Grippe but he had gone back to work anyway. I’m worried he’s going to get worse or even catch pneumonia working too hard. I’d feel better if I knew he had his mother nearby making sure he wasn’t over doing it. He’s not one to give into to feeling poorly easily. A harder worker I never saw.   


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