LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 8, May 3 -May 25

May 3, 1913

Dear Diary,

Sadie is now a married woman. I am real glad Hazel and I got to go. Grandma and Grandpa took all of us in their wagon to Aladdin and then we joined Bert and his mother, Mrs. Marchant, and caught the train to Belle Fourche. I sat next to Mrs. Marchant on the train and she told me all about the sad day, 4 years ago, when her husband drowned in a flash flood. I felt so bad for her. I know she really wanted him with her to see their son get married.

Sadie looked so pretty in her blue lace and voile dress. Bert picked a bouquet of wildflowers for her to carry. It was a busy couple of days. I have been all tuckered out since returning yesterday.


May 8, 1913

Dear diary,

My birthday was yesterday. I am now seventeen years old. We had a little party at the house last night. Just a few of the neighbors and Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Grandpa made me a hope chest just like Sadie’s. They also gave me cut glass vase to go in in. It was the best gift they could have given me and I will cherish both pieces forever. I can’t wait to start filling it with things I will need when I become a married lady.

Papa came home just as the festivities were starting and besides bringing me several cards, there was something from guess who?  Yes, Roy! He sent me a big box of chocolates. I was going to share but everyone said no, they were meant for you. So I shall enjoy one chocolate a day, from my sweetie, until they are gone.


May 12, 1913

Dear Diary,

I have been gone for several days. I hitched a ride with the Baxter’s to see how Sadie and Bert are settling into married life. From the glowing looks in their eyes I’d say just fine. For now they are living with Mrs. Marchant, but they have plans to begin building a house on Sadie’s homestead claim. I must say I really enjoy visiting with Mrs. Marchant. She was born and raised in England. She has the most delightful accent. I love hearing her tales of life there and how she came to live in Aladdin. I found time to visit my Aunt and Uncle Waddington and the other Phillips relatives living there, too.

Uncle Waddington gave me a ride home this morning. He teased me about my box of chocolates to no end. He says someone must be sweet on me. While I denied it to him, I certainly hope it is true.


May 20, 1913.

Dear Diary,

The Plummer’s stopped by here today. The wanted to know if I ‘d be willing to stay at their place for 2 weeks while they are gone on a trip. I was sure Mama and Papa would say no but instead they said I could, if I wanted to. I said yes and I am so excited. It will be the first time I will truly be on my own. It will give me a chance to show how mature and responsible I have become. I won’t be going until June 4th.


May 25, 1913

Dear Diary,

My garden is coming up nicely, but it is awfully dry out. I may have to start hauling water if it doesn’t rain soon. Today is spring cleaning day. Soon Mama will put all of us to work even Daniel. First we all have to work together hauling all the feather beds and furniture out to air while we dust and scrub everything indoors. My job is always the floors. I have to sweep the wood, then damp mop it and finish with a splash of kerosene.

I am hoping I will get another letter from Roy in this week’s mail. It seems I just live for mail day, if there is a letter I am filled with such joy and if not with despair.

3 thoughts on “LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 8, May 3 -May 25

  1. Kathy Carter Stoltz

    Baxters got a mention! I can almost hear the clip clip of the horses’ hooves.
    Grandmother Helen was all about horses. Most of her expressions were horse-related, such as “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”



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