LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 7 -April 16 – April 28,1913

April 16, 1913

Dear diary,

I am back from visiting with Sadie. We put the finishing touches on her dress this morning. My, how I wish we were working on mine, too. And I don’t have to tell you who the groom would be. But it is no use wishing for what you can’t have.


April 18, 1913

Dear diary,

My, was the and postman ever busy with me this week. I got 6 letters in one day. One from Lida, another from Lillian, one from Aunt Ann, one from cousin Justin, one from Amber and best of all, one from my dear Roy.

He has changed camps, so my last letters probably never reached him. It was nice to hear from everyone and know they are thinking of me. Lillian and Justin sound love-sick for sure. All their letters did was talk of the other.

Lida said she was ready for school to be out. She and Blanche have big plans for summer. I sure wish I was there to chum with them like last summer, we had so much fun together even when we were working hard picking berries. After Sadie is married I will lose my only near-by chum again. How shall I survive?


April 22, 1913

Dear diary,

I did a lot of sewing today, now that the days are getting longer I am able to sit in the window next to the stove and spend extra time on it. Mama and I have been embroidering Sadie a table cloth and dish towels for her wedding gift. And the mending bag always has something that needs attention, seems like Daniel is always putting a hole in his trousers or socks need darning.

Mama has also been teaching me how to knit but I am surely poor at it. So far all I have to show is a couple of crooked wash clothes. I guess when it comes to cleaning they will work, but Sadie shall get Mama’s perfect ones.


April 28th, 1913

Dear diary,

I didn’t have time to write in you yesterday. I took the table cloth and dish towels over to Grandpa and Grandma’s to give Sadie. Just think in two days she will become Mrs. Bert Marchant. She’s so excited. Grandma and I helped her pack her hope chest full of everything she needs to start her new life. And oh how I wish it were me doing the same, except I’d be going to Washington to be with Roy.

Let me tell you I never saw such beautiful embroidered linens as she has. Sadie must have been mighty busy the whole time we were in Washington and of course some were made by Grandma. And such fine looking quilts, she and Bert certainly should be warm enough come winter.

They put the things Mama and I made to shame. Sadie seemed to like them anyway, said she’d think of us every time she used them, and since dish towels are well used, she shall surely be thinking of us often. After we closed up the chest, Sadie got out the Sears catalog and showed me the dishes and pans she and Bert plan to order.

I stayed for supper, as the fragrance of Grandma’s ham and bean soup and fresh baked rye bread, was too much for me to pass up. The sun was just dipping behind the hills as I left. As I watched the blue sky warm to shades of orange, pink and purple it made me miss Roy all the more. Sadie is so lucky, to soon have Bert to share such moments with.

I guess I best put you down for Mama has twice reminded me I still have chores to do. Seems they never end at this time of year.

1 thought on “LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 7 -April 16 – April 28,1913

  1. Kathy Stoltz

    I wish we could chat with her. This is a wonderful history of how life in Mona was, and it was work, work, work. If only we could send some of our modern teenagers there to work for awhile, it might toughen them up.



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