LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 49 – July 1- July 8, 1915

July 1, 1915

Dear Diary,

The busy time of year is almost upon us and I probably won’t find much time to write in you. I got a letter from Vera she said they are planning to make a trip up here to see family in Sept. I can’t wait to see her again. She is a faithful writer but there is nothing like seeing someone in person to catch up. I am sure she has lots to tell me she has left out of her letters and I can say the same for myself.

Yesterday we went over to Frank Phillips to watch the cowboy’s bronco bust for a bit. It’s always scary watching them as some of those horses really buck. While some did fall off no one was injured and that’s a good thing. Horses are selling well right now, these horses will be going elsewhere soon. I do hope they don’t have to go to the war in Europe.

We are going to Hulett to see Uncle Willie over the fourth of July. This year I hope we make it. It’s quite a way to go when the roads are so bad, sometimes I think I could walk faster.

I haven’t heard from Roy in over a week. I know it’s probably just the mail system but it still worries me. I get scared he might get hurt like his brother did though I think Lida or his mother would let me know right away if that was the case, so he is probably fine.

Puyallup, Wn
July 3rd,1915

Dear Mae,

 Hello girlie! How are you today? Just fine tho I hope and trust. I am having a pretty good time hope you are able to say as much.

Well I am at home now, came down from Nagrom Thursday evening and have been taking life easy ever since. My chum came down with me and is going to stay here while the camp is shut down. That won’t be very long tho, as we go back Monday//.

Richard is still in the hospital. I was down to see him yesterday afternoon. He was hurt much worse than I thought at first, his leg is in pretty bad shape as it may be quite a while before he will be out of the hospital. Poor kid, it is pretty tough to have to be in the hospital while the rest are out having a good time. I feel sorry for him.

Yesterday Mr. Cook and I went out to the Point and had a good swim in the bath house and later came back to Tacoma and had supper and afterward went to see a show. It was the best show I have seen in a long time to. Wish you could have been along and helped me enjoy it, but of course it of no use to make any wishes of that kind.

Today I haven’t been doing much but rest and eat berries and I am so full now I can almost touch them by putting my finger in my mouth. I have tried to eat enough for you and me both and guess have pretty nearly succeeded. The berries are poor this year and won’t amount to very much. I guess it is from the frost. There is only a fiew cherries and the kind that I sent you last year is a entire failure so guess I can’t send you any this year. I am so sorry to for I so wanted to send you a fiew.

Justin and Lillian are at Mr. Henry’s now. I saw them both for a little while today and I was glad to see them. I tell you don’t know if they were glad to see me or not. Baby John is some boy now, don’t look much like he did when I last saw him. He doesn’t look much like either his Dad or Mother, looks more like a Swede than any one else, he is so light. (Author’s note: Mae’s cousin Justin was married to the Henry’s daughter, so Baby John is Justin and Lillian’s son.)

I saw Hue and Saul for a little while this morning. Saul isn’t so very well yet but is able to work some and said he was getting better all the time. Hue and Lodie went to Rosedale this P. M. to spend the 4th. Henry’s folks are going out to the Point to celebrate the 4th. They wanted me to go along but I don’t think I shall. If someone that I know was here I would be perfectly willing to go tho. Justin is going back to the camp with me to see if he can get work there and I am pretty sure that he can. (Authors note: all of the folks he is mentioning here are Mae’s relatives)

 Well supper is ready now and I must go eat, after supper Gus and I are going down town so I guess I will have to stop now and tell you the rest next time. Here is wishing you a very happy time for the 4th.

As ever


Mona, Wyo.
July 8,1915

Dear Roy,-

Well how you was today? I am pretty well only tired we got home yesterday about six oclock; had a nice time and a dandy visit, we never went anywhere only to Uncle Willie’s but Oh what a good visit we had. They were so glad to see us. They nearly went wild. Mama hadn’t seen them all for a year. They was so afraid we wouldn’t come for it was raining so Sunday, but we went anyway and it stopped raining about noon that day, but my we nearly froze to death. It was more like xmas than the 4th of July.

It was pretty warm the next day tho. It is so changeable you can freeze one day and nearly die with heat the next. But we haven’t had much hot weather so far, but supose we will from now on. It snowed some on the 3rd. Grandpa and Aunt Sadie and Bert and Iretha were here that day. They went home Sunday. My I don’t know when I’ll see them again now. It will be such a busy time from now on I supose.

I wonder what you are doing today, picking berrys I supose tho. I wish I was there to help you. How is Lida and your Mother. I supose they are busy too. Is Blanche there now? (Authors note: Blanch was Lida’s best friend but Mae knew her from when she lived in Puyallup)

I never got any letter from you yet this week, it will soon be two weeks since I heard. Tho the mail is perhaps delayed somewhere. I surely will get one tomorrow night. If I don’t I don’t know what I shall do.

Frank Risher called me up this morning, he got home last night, but I didn’t know he was there and it sure surprised me, glad he is home tho. He will be here until Sept.

 My wish you could seem my potatoes they are surely fine all of our potatos are just grand they are lots larger now then we had at all last year. We got about a five pound pail full out of one hill and never got near all of them just dug in the side. I never saw such large ones for this time of the year. Everything looks fine. Papa’s grain is doing fine and the grass is nice and green yet and is about as high as I ever saw it. I guess higher than it has been for a good many year.

We drove Drummer and Ben up to Uncle Willies and Oh what bad roads so they are pretty tired, I believe it is thirty miles from here. They were sorry they never got to see you. I wish you could see Zeta their baby she is seventeen months old and is so sweet, just as sweet as Iretha so you know how nice she is. Ha ha.

I supose you have a nice visit with Sade. I wish I was there to go with you.

Every one almost goes wild over Hazel’s scarf, wish you could hear what they say about it. Aunt Lib is about the same I guess. She don’t get any better or worse. I feel so sorry for her. How is your uncle, and father? Where is Joe and his wife? And also Richard?

Uncle Willie has a phonograph and Hazel kept it pretty busy playing the latest songs they had a lot of the latest ones. She almost learned two of them. She knows about a dozen new ones I guess.

I heard Aunt Ann was going to pick berrys for you this year, so I supose she will soon be busy. Well I have almost run out of news so will say good night and finish later this week.

 Good night


Well here I am to bother you some more, with my scribbling. We are busy straighting things up. Today it is kindy warm but not bad as there is a cool wind. I hope I get a letter tonight. I had aught to have two but maby I won’t get the other one until Thursday.

There’s going to be a picnic down to Donald and a dance in the evening. I supose we will go, wish you could be there too. Uncle Willie May come down. Helen Baxter was here last Saturday, she is home now. Well I don’t know any more to write I guess. I supose you got disappointed as I should have wrote so it would gone away Friday but I never got home until Wednesday evening and was so tired and didn’t feel very good either so I never got to send a letter, but you will get will get this next Saturday so you won’t have to wait very long.

I have to send the letters with the kids to school and they go so early I have to write the day before. I may write more when I get your letter. by by for now.

Well here I am this Sunday forenoon, Gertrude Guy wants us to come up this afternoon so I guess we will go, if it don’t storm, it is a little cloudy but I don’t believe it will rain very soon. We haven’t had a rain since Wednesday night the longest time we have had without rain this year.

 I am sorry there isn’t so much fruit there this year, but what is to be will be. So maby it is for the best. As far as the cherrys don’t you worry about them for I can get along nicely without them.

I got two letters from you on Friday night, of course I was glad. I don’t see how come I never got one before, but there is nothing sure about the mail now as there is so much wash outs this summer and so it delays the trains sometimes.

Sorry Richard got hurt but hope he is much better now. I sent the last letter to Puyallup and supose you never got it there for you went to Nagrom sooner than I thot you would.

I have never answered Lillian’s and Justin’s letters yet but will in a few days. I didn’t know where they were for so long. I supose they didn’t speak very well of me, but I will make it right with them. Did Justin get work there?

 Daniel went to a party today over near where you folks went with the sled that day for corn. He never has went anywhere like that alone so we all kindy worry about him. I guess he will be alright tho. He rode his pony.

Hazel and I went horse back riding yesterday. Well I have written a news paper so will stop my foolishness.

As ever


1 thought on “LETTERS FROM MONA -Part 49 – July 1- July 8, 1915

  1. Kathy Stoltz

    It was good to see my grandmother, Helen Baxter, mentioned in the July 8, 1915 letter. The letter indicated that she had been away, which may have been to Spearfish Normal School which she attended for a year. She taught for one year in one of the one-room schools near her home and then retired, stating that she didn’t like teaching. That was odd, because she was a great teacher and taught all her grandchildren many skills, to love nature and horses, manners, etc. Google Spearfish Normal School to read about its interesting history.



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