LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 22 – May 1, 1914 -MAY 9,1914

Donald, Wyo

May 1, 1914

Dear friend-

I received your letter Wednesday and of course I was glad. But sorry to hear you had not been feeling well and do hope you are well by now.
I am feeling a little better today than I have for the last week. But not very good yet. Well I think I can do better with a pencil as I am laying down at present. I have a dreadful headache. Well the folks got home Wednesday. I was glad to see them come for I was getting pretty lonely but was so glad to see them feeling so much better. I think that doctor is a wonderful fellow, my they both look so much better and he is going to cure Aunt Ellen and that is sure doing something good, he has helped her wonderful now. She went back to town I guess she will stay for a long time. I think we will move to Belle Fourche this summer or fall if papa don’t get the mail route. We are going to move up home tomorrow night after papa comes home with the mail He is so very busy he can’t spare the time any other day, so if we are able to go we will be up there soon I will be pretty well pleased to get home but I hate to leave Papa here all alone. When he has so much to do. but I supose Mama or I either one will be here part of the time. I haven’t got to study any to amount to anything yet am getting pretty discouraged for every thing goes against me, sickness and everything. I don’t know when I will be able to study now. I was down to Mc Donalds a little while today. They have a new man working for them now he is a cousin of theirs. Clara, Mr. Barber and Lela and Mr. Cady were there to see me the other night I was pretty glad for I was alone. Well I believe this is all I can write this time I feel pretty bum. Hope your are well now. I wish you would write so I can get it on Saturday instead of Wed as it won’t have to be written so long before I get it. but do as you please and you will please me. As ever M.E.P.


May 4th, 1914

Dear Diary,

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. We moved back home to Mona last night and am I ever glad for it is here I like the best. Mama and I have been busy getting everything settled and now this evening I am happy to report it feels like we never left. Daniel is fussing at me; he wants me to play a game of checkers with him so I guess I will end this for today.


May 5, 1914

Dear Diary,

Only 2 more days until my 18th birthday. Oh how I wish I could go away to Washington but the folks will have none of that and I haven’t the money to go on my own and as I have said before I wouldn’t want to hurt them by doing that anyway. I am taking a bit of a rest from my morning chores. But soon I will get up and start chopping in a new garden. I think Papa is too busy to help me this year but I can manage on my own.  Last year’s garden did well indeed but this years shall be better yet as I have learned from the mistakes I have made.

I have been thinking of starting up a young people’s meeting to give some of us something social to do during the summer months. I am tired of the dances and it would be nice to be with just some of our age group besides.


Nagram, Wash.

May 7,1914

Dear Hazel,

How are you feeling this fine evening? I am feeling just fine and hope your are in the same predicament.

Got your letter quite a while ago and hope you will excuse me for not answering it sooner. I have so many letters to write and so much reading to do that it keeps me pretty busy all my spare time.

Well I suppose you are having a good time this evening as tis is Mae’s birthday and she told me there was going to have a party.

You ought to be here Hazel. I think you could get all the dancing you want, they have two dances here every week. Wednesdays and Saturdays. They don’t dance the grape-vine here but they have another dance instead of the two-step. It is somewhat like the grapevine only it is more raggey. I don’t know what they call it. They also dance the hesitation waltz some. Richard has been playing for them a number of times wish you could hear him, he does just fine. He is sitting beside me now playing for me as I write. Just now he is playing “It a long way to Tipperary.”  (Author’s note, Richard is Roy’s older brother and was a fine violin player who could play by ear I am told)

Wish I could hear you sing some of your new songs. Wish there is a phone line from here to there, so you could sing some for me over the wire.  (Author’s note: The folks on Mona Road were connected to Aladdin via phone lines in 1910)

We are having lovely weather now. I never saw it nicer. Hope it is nice in Wyoming to.

Well   this is enough for now so will stop.

Think of me at the party tonight and maybe that will help me some.

So long

As ever

W. R.C.

Mae’s sister Hazel Phillips


Donald Wyo,

May 7, 1914

Dear friend,

Well I thot I would write a few lines to you while I was resting and tell you we are down this far as tonight is the dance and we are very busy we did not get here until 5 0’clock  so we are very busy getting ready. I don’t know hardly what I am writing so I guess I will not write much and will write tomorrow and maybe I’ll say better things.

I know one thing tho I got one of the nicest presents I ever saw tonight. My I was so surprised when I walked in the house this evening and saw that.

Friday morning.

I just got that far when they called me for supper and never got to write any more. Well I feel pretty good this morning only tired and sleepy of course. We just had a lovely dance, I sure wish you had been there to see we some times have a nice crowd too, they all behaved so well and there were lots there. We did not get home until four this morning and now we have to go on up above and never left here until seven and so it was so late when we got home about 9:30. I think we were glad to get there but awful tired.

My I can’t hardly thank you enough for the present. I just think them fine. I never saw such a pretty box of stationary as this is and the candy is fine.

Well I can’t think of no news hardly. Aunt Sadie will soon be up in our country and I will surely be glad. Bert is going away Tuesday I think. We are having fine weather now. I hope it is nice there and there is no more snow. We have not had any snow yet this spring and I hope we don’t any either.

Are you going down to Puyallup when you said you had better for that would be nice.

Maybe Hazel and I will send you a half dozen strings of Beads before long.

My I saw so many of my cousins I had not saw for so long until last night.

I have not heard from Lida and don’t know if she got her beads or not am getting anxious to hear if she got them alright. Well I will stop for I am so dizzy I can’t hardly write. Write soon. And don’t work to hard.

as ever,


When in my grave I lonely sleep.

And the weeping willows over me leap,

It is then dear friend and not before

That I shall think of thee you no more.

 Your true Friend 25.19.7    (code translates to Mae)


May 9, 1914

Dear Diary,

Goodness did I ever have a lovely birthday. So many people to help me celebrate and such fine food.

Mama made me my favorite chocolate cake. She and Papa gave me some fine yardage of corduroy fabric and a nice piece of white embroidered lawn I should be able to make a nice skirt and blouse from them.

Hazel gave me a hankie she had embroidered with pretty pink flowers and Daniel made me a card from colored paper.

Grandma had my quilt finished. I can see it now spread out on my finest bed. But for now, it waits in my hope chest.

But oh, the surprise from Roy was the best of all. The card, stationery and box of chocolates would have been plenty but the box also had a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, Roy had collected. I put the bouquet next to my bed to see as I blow out the lantern before I sleep.

I couldn’t help but feel a little spoiled. Now it’s time to go back to reality for the cow still needs milking and the chores need doing. I guess that means I need to end this nonsense for today.


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