LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 14 – November 10 – November 29, 1913

November 10, 1913

Dear Diary,

I hitched a ride with Uncle Waddington the day after I last wrote and spent a few days in Aladdin with Sadie. She says she is all excited for me and can hardly wait to meet this Roy she has heard so much about.

She let me have some of her cache of lovely wool yarn Bert got in partial pay for his sheep shearing. She had 3 colors, red, blue and brown. I chose the blue because it is the color of Roy’s eyes. I am going to make him a scarf, hat and gloves for his Christmas present if I can get my knitting needles to work. Sadie and Mama are so much better at it.

Sadie suggested I add some brown and make them striped and more manly that way. I guess she’s right so brown and blue they shall be.


November 15, 1913

Dear Diary,

This morning I had to button up my jacket all the way and wrap a scarf firmly around my neck before walking down to the barn to milk the cow. The air is cold now. The frost covering the grass snapped at my feet and the wildflowers have all died. I must remind Roy how cold it gets here in the winter. It’s not like Puyallup where it rarely dips below freezing.


November 17, 1913

Dear Diary,

Sadie was over today. She came while I was working on my horrible knitting. I can’t do a single row without making a mistake. She took over for me for a bit and got me started the right way again. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I could make Roy mittens, a hat and scarf. I should go back to making the simplest of things like wash cloths.


November 22, 1913

Dear Diary,

The air is filled with scents of apple, pumpkin, cinnamon and spices. Its pie making day for Thursday is Thanksgiving. Mama is the best pie maker in the world, everyone thinks so. I’ve watched her measure, mix and roll out her piecrust since I was knee high to a grasshopper but no matter how I try I just can’t duplicate her crust.

How I wish we were having Thanksgiving at the Caple’s again like last year. Oh, it was so nice, all of us crowded around the big dining table set with fine china and glasses fit for a queen and all of us dressed in our finest clothes and no one looking finer than Roy.

I’m so glad I didn’t realize then where I’d be spending Thanksgiving this year. We aren’t doing anything special during the day. In the afternoon we will set off for Donald as there is going to be a supper and dance. I’d so much rather be in Puyallup.


November 26th, 1913

Dear Diary,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. My I wish Roy could have seen the fine spread of roasted turkey, fried chicken, breads and out of this world biscuits, not to mention roasted corn, beans, peas, beets and so many fine pies, cakes and cookies. It was a good thing there was plenty of dancing afterwards to work some of it off. Yes, I danced but it was mainly with Daniel or one of my many cousins.

We spent the night, or I should say morning as we danced until 4 at our place in Donald. Papa used the trip to bring some of our canning goods to start storing for the winter. I hate the thought of moving, Mona seems more like home.


November 28, 1913

Dear Diary,

The young people around here have arranged to put on a special production for Christmas and I have a part in it. I hope Roy can make it soon enough to see me in it.

A neighbor has just arrived I will finish later.

The neighbors call was not a good one. Such terrible news, a young woman who use to live here to help Mama with the work lost her husband earlier today in a wagon accident.

I wish I could hug her like she used to me when I felt bad. But I know this isn’t the kind of bad a hug will fix. I feel so bad because there is nothing I can do. How awful to be a widow at just 22.


Mona Wyo

Nov. 29, 1913

Dear Friend,

Well Roy I will write you a few lines this evening. I was so glad to get your letter and it came several days sooner than usual so was kindy surprised but it was a happy surprise and wish you would surprise me every time. But it just happened that way as it was mailed the same day as usual, but I guess it knew I wanted it to, away it came faster than usual.

Well I started this yesterday but went to get supper and did not get to finish so will do so tonight. Hazel and Daniel and Vera and I went to my cousins today, had a pretty good time. But I have such a headach I can’t hardly write.

What kind of time did you have Thanksgiving? I was home in the day time and went to a dance at night but was feeling blue as I was thinking of last year. What a good time I had. Wish the same crowd could have been there this time.

I suppose you are home or will be when this letter reaches you. I am going to send it to Puyallup any way. There is going to be a box social the 1st of Dec. I wish you were going to be here. I am in a little play what do you think of that?

I feel kindy sad as the girl that use to live with us, she was just like a sister to me her husband died yesterday and they took him down to Spearfish today. I surely feel sorry for her. She is so nice. There never was a nicer girl and she is only a girl too.

I hear you are having better weather now. We have had the lovelist weather we have ever had in the fall. I never saw it so nice, haven’t had no snow to speak of.  I hope it is nice all winter. We are going to move down to the other place about the 20 of Dec. I don’t want to but we almost have to as it is to far for Papa to come when it is cold weather.

I wanted to be so we were living here when you came but I guess we can’t. Maybe we will just be moving from here. About when are you going to start? I am looking for you before Christmas anyway so you will have to hurry.

I have a lot to tell you but will wait until I see you, for that our neighbors children are staying here while the folks are gone. and they are asking me all the kind of questions and every thing, they want to know who I am writing too. So you must excuse all the mistakes as I know there are a lot of them.  I wrote to Lida again but never heard from her. Well my head hurts so I must close.

Hoping to hear from you soon

As ever,


When the days toil is ended,

And my thots are all but free,

when of the lot I am thinking,

I mostly think of thee.


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