LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 10 – July 2 – July 31st, 1913

July 2,1913

Dear Diary,

I am sitting outside watching Papa’s grain blow in the wind. It sure looks nice. I think we are going to have a good crop this year.
Roy wrote that his berries were just about ripe. I sure wish I could be there to help him pick again this year. He and I had such fun picking last year. But thinking of that is making me feel even more blue and I was already feeling blue enough. Roy told me Cousin Justin and Lillian are going to marry soon. Oh, my is that ever a surprise for they had just met for the first time in November right before we moved back here to Mona.
Mama and Papa thought the news was great even though Justin is 10 years older than Lillian.  Roy is only one more year older than Justin so why do they have such a problem with him being older?

I guess we are going to go to Aladdin for the 4th of July. I am looking forward to the festivities and seeing Sadie and our other kin there.


July 8th, 1913

Dear Diary,

I’ve been feeling poorly since the 4th of July. I didn’t enjoy the 4th much either. I woke up with the tiniest bit of a sore throat and it got steadier worse as the day went on. I was sure glad when Papa said we wouldn’t be staying for the fireworks. I had a terrible night and barely slept, by sunrise I could barely swallow. It was all Mama could do to coax some water down my throat.  It’s some better today though. I ate some tinned fruit this morning. The first food I’ve had since the 4th.


July 10th, 1913

Dear Diary,

My throat is almost back to normal especially since Papa came home with the biggest surprise for me. Two big boxes of Washington cherries. And you know who they were from. My, did they ever taste good. They made me feel so much better. There is way more than we can eat before they go bad, so Mama and I parceled some of them up to share with the folks around here.

The wild strawberries and raspberries are starting to get ripe and the plum trees are loaded. It won’t be long before Mama and I are busy canning them all up to eat this winter.


Mona, Wyo
July 11, 1913

Dear friend,

Well Roy I wrote to you Wednesday but never got to send it so will write today and Hazel will take it to Mona tomorrow. I got your letter and those cherries. My! But they were fine. I was so glad to get them and must thank you very much. I have been sick ever since the forth of July and so the cherries helped me out I feel lots better now.

How are you any way? I hope you are well for that is the main thing I think. I was sure glad to get your letter. I just knew I would get one for I counted the days and you sure did not disappoint me. You are the only one I can depend on to write some of the folks have only written to us once. Haven’t heard from Uncle Sol’s since April and Uncle Hugh since March. So see we are always glad to hear from there.

Yes I sure, never thot when we left that Lillian would be Mrs. Phillips in side of five months. I never thot of them even going together. But wish I could have been there at the time. I haven’t heard from them since they were married but expect a letter every mail day.

Where were you the forth? Hazel and I were down to my cousins. Had a pretty good time but wish you had been there. Aunt Sadie and Bert are living down to Mrs. Merchants about sixteen miles from here. I sure get lonesome but can talk her anytime. They are coming up on Saturday. I’ll sure be glad. My garden looks fine. My corn is about the best in the country and I have nice vines also. Oh I think I am quite the gardener (nix). Every thing looks pretty good our grain is so nice and looks nice in the wind waves so pretty. The wind blows most of them time. We sure had some pretty warm weather, but is sure cool today quite a change. I am glad your berries are doing so well. And sure wish I was there to enjoy a few of them. The strawberries are almost gone. We just had a few wild ones is all. The raspberries just begining to get ripe but haven’t had any yet. I guess there will be quite a few plums and cherries. But not a good as yours were. My! No!

I was invited to a party last night. My garden looks fine. My corn is about the best in the country and I have nice vines also. Oh I think I am quite the gardener (nix). Every thing looks pretty good our grain is so nice and looks nice in the wind waves so pretty.

How is Lida? Why don’t she write? Hazel and Daniel got your cards but haven’t answered them yet. Daniel is busy most of the time with his pony. Do you go to very many shows. I wish I was there to go to one more like the last one or the one when we tried to catch the car. Hazel speaks of it quite often.

How is your mother tell her I sent my best regards to her. Where are Richard and Joe? Well I guess I’ll stop my foolishness for that all I can do is write anymore. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am as ever,

Mae Phillips

I just got weighed, weigh 110 have only lost 13 lbs


Mona Wyo

July 11, 1913

Dear friend Roy,

How are you gitting along I am fine and hope your are the same how is Lida and Mrs. Caple tell them hello for me how is your Berries if I will come bake will you give me a Job to Bee Boss? Are you coming to the fair I wish would come Mae is writing to you so there was a storm yesterday and after a while it got still and the sun come and all at once some thunder lighten come and struck something. It sure was hard the poney just tore up the grond offel, now when I get him and slap my hand he just jumps offel I could hartly get the girdle on him.

Daniel Phillips


July 25, 1913

Dear Diary,

Last night just after we bedded down for the night, we thought we heard a woman screaming and a baby crying. Papa thought it must be coming from one of the neighbors up the road, so he threw his clothes back on and lit a lantern to go investigate. Just as he got to the door the scream changed to that of an animal and we knew it wasn’t coming from humans. This morning when Papa came in from his chores, he said he could make out tracks of a mountain lion close to our cabin. Mama and I were scared but Papa says it’s long gone by now. Just the same I’m going to be sure to be watching over my shoulders until I’m sure it’s not roaming in these parts anymore.


July 31, 1913

Dear Diary.

Today was washing day. All that work standing over steaming water with the stirring, and wringing in this hot, humid weather has me pooped out. Right now, I am sitting on the porch trying to catch a cool breeze. Dark clouds are starting to rumble in. I expect any minute Mama will be hollering for me to rescue the laundry off the line before it starts to storm. It must be done so I guess I should put you down and get to it.

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