LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 4, February 14, 1913 to March

Reminder: The diary fiction but the letters are real. The first letter appears here in the 4th part.

William Roy Caple, photo is from around 1914

February 14, 1913

Dear Diary,

Oh my, my heart is soaring. Papa came home with the mail from Mona, to my surprise he handed me an envelope and package. And yes, they were from Roy.

Here I thought he’d forgotten me; I hadn’t heard from him in so long and then he goes and sends me the most gorgeous Valentine. He also sent me a quirt with a note that said – something for you to use when riding your pony, Drummer. My goodness, he even remembered my horse’s name. I just love them both and I will think of Roy every time I ride my pony.

He sent Hazel and Daniel cards too, but they are nothing like my big fancy heart. Mama and Papa said very little about my gift, I am not sure they were pleased.


March 4, 1913

Dear Diary,

I haven’t written in you for a while. Mama has kept me pretty busy with chores. Yesterday was wash day. I hauled water from the well and stood over boiling pots of white linens most of the day.  All the wringing, rinsing and more wringing it dry before hanging it all about this tiny cabin. Doing laundry in Puyallup was much easier with indoor water and more space.

Sadie just called; she is coming over tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her. I haven’t heard from Roy since Valentine’s day.

Mama is calling, the irons heating on the stove are hot, it’s time to start the ironing.

Mona WYO .

March 1913
Dear Friend,

I received your letter some time ago. Was very glad to hear from you for I had not heard from anyone there. I surely thot you had forgotten me in Puyallup. We are all pretty well at present and hope you are well and happy.
I received my valentine and many thanks for it. I think it is awful pretty and so do everyone else. They all think my quirt is nice too. I haven’t used it yet on my saddle pony for one of our horses got lame and we have to drive him.
We had a surprise party on Mama last night wish you could have been with us. We had a nice crowed and a fine time. They stayed to almost five o’clock this morning.

Did Lida and Blanche get my letter? And how are they getting along. When are you going now and where are you going up in the woods to work? Justin said you and him are going. Are you going to the same place you were last year?
We have had very nice weather for the last week. But it was cold. Aunt Sadie came over today. It seems like I have to be with her all the time. My, I sure do miss Lillian. And of course I miss all of you folks there. Has anyone moved into the house where we left yet? Do you go to very many shows? I well remember the last one I went to. I don’t know when I will get to go to another, it is thirty miles to one here so I don’t think I will go to any for some time.
Did you get my card? I sent you one long time ago.
They have had quite a few dances since we came but I haven’t been to many.
Well I must close for this time and please excuse me for not writing before. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am as ever your friend,


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