LETTERS FROM MONA – Part 2 – December 13 and 15, 1912


Photo is of the Caple house in Puyallup around 1912, unsure who the people on the porch are.

Dec. 13, 1912

Dear Diary,

Yesterday Papa came home with our train ticket. We leave in two days. I spent most of the day at the Henry’s, cousin Justin was there too. I think he’s sweet on Lillian Henry. After a while Hazel, Lida and Roy came over. My we had a fine time, singing Christmas carols and popping corn. Everyone promised to write.  And I am sure going to as I must keep my Puyallup connections with Roy.

Tomorrow will be a busy day; I will be helping Mama with all the packing. This afternoon Roy is taking his sister Lida, Hazel, Daniel and I into Tacoma to see the Christmas decorations. I am so excited even if I can’t really be alone with Roy. And I have never been to a big city at Christmas.


Dec. 15, 1912

Dear Diary,

Well it really happened we have left.  It’s too bumpy for me to write much, good thing no one besides myself is ever going to read this for it isn’t readable, anyway. Yesterday was both special and hard. The trip to Tacoma was fun, the stores were all trimmed out so nice with greenery and gifts.

But I hate good-byes and yesterday was filled with so many. Seems everyone dropped by to see us off last evening. The Henry’s, cousin Justin, Uncle Sol and Aunt Ann, and the Caples to name just a few. Oh, how I am going to miss them all, especially Roy. He says he’ll probably find another logging camp to work in as soon as winter is over. I told him he should move to Wyoming.  He laughed, and said you never know, I just might do that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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