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My mother wasn’t the only teacher in the family.  Her mother and my grandma, Rose Uelmen Meyer was also a teacher.  Guess I continued the tradition as I was a teacher, too.

Like my mother Rose also taught in a one room school house.  I don’t know much about her teaching career.  According to my mother she had some kind of short training at a Normal school.  If the back of the photo pictured below is correct she started teaching on Sept. 3, 1907, 3 days short of her 16th birthday and probably taught until shortly before she married in April of 1915 at the age of 23.  She must have been well thought of as a teacher because 50 years later some her students came to her 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

The photos above are marked as the end of  the year school picnic for the Wacousta school.  I am not  where that is in relation to her childhood home in New Prospect. Perhaps some of my WI relatives can shed some light on just where this.  I can’t pick Rose out in the bottom photo but in the top photo she is the woman in the back row, third one over from the flag and has what appears to be a straw hat on.

2014-07-02 19.47.46

The above photo was a postcard my Mother had.  On the back her mother, Rose Uelmen Meyer, had written:  Horse and buggy are my father Peter Uelmen across from the St. Mathias church, Auburn twp.  The photo was taken when he had dropped me off  to teach on my first day of school on Sept. 3, 1907.  The horse -Bill.


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