Throwback Thursday

2014-07-02 19.36.53-1 Could this cart be Old Hard Par? The photo must have been taken around 1940 as the little girl on the running board is Edith Myer.  She looks to be about 3 or 4 to me.

2014-07-02 19.44.31Another photo with just the back of Old Hard Par showing.  The woman is my grandmother Rose Uelmen Meyer. From the looks of her clothing I’d say this photo is from the 1930’s.

2014-07-02 19.44.47The car in this photo could be Old Hard Par. This was taken at one of the Meyer picnics.  I can’t identify everyone but the Man laying in the grass with is his legs stretched out is my Grandfather, George H. Meyer.  The little girl beside him on the left is my mother, Jeannette Meyer.  I do not know about the little girl behind her, it could be her younger sister, Bunny Meyer.  The girl sitting on the ground on the left side just behind the man is Gertrude Meyer another of my Mom’s sisters.  Judging from the size of my Mom and the dresses on the ladies I would say this photo was probably taken around 1930-31.



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