The Life And Times OF William Roy Caple


This story was born out of  my fascination for tales my by  Grandpa William Roy Caple told of his pioneer childhood.

     He knew little of his ancestry. He said the family once lived in the South and moved north over the issue of slavery. However he had no idea what state that might have been or where they’d com from before living in the U.S. All he knew was the name of his grandfather. My desire to know more spurred me to research the family.

     As I began to put together the timeline of my grandfather’s life I began to realize he’d lived through incredible times, seeing the world go from horse and buggy days to jet travel.

     The stories I will share are based on what I recall him telling me, the facts I uncovered in my research as well as the memories his two children shared with me.

     I have chosen to write in the genre of creative non-fiction. I have woven fact with recollections and social history. Where I have quoted conversations or delved into thinking it is my interpretation of those facts and stories.

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